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Fistbump Media, LLC

Fistbump Media

Fistbump Media, LLC


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Built on Dan King’s years of blogging experience, Fistbump Media, LLC launched in August of 2012 to help others amplify their voices.

Dan has built a strong network and reputation in blogging, social media content management, and publishing since he began blogging in 2006. He’s managed social media for large media sites like The High Calling and led high-profile blogger teams with organizations like Help One Now. He’s also published several books (both self and traditional).

Dan is uniquely qualified to teach others how to be successful in this space. He has mastered leveraging story and technology across both traditional and new media. Combined with his many years of experience in training and development, this knowledge yields a coach who knows what to do and knows how to teach you to do it.

And that’s what we do at Fistbump Media.

We use this experience to help you achieve your goals in blogging, social media, and/or publishing. Maybe you want help figuring out how to communicate on Facebook and grow an audience. Perhaps you’re ready to leverage your many years of blogging to help you finally get something published. Or you might want to build a new website and/or email subscriber strategy to grow your platform or business.

Our approach is data-driven and focused on results (not just performing tasks). And we want to help you learn the strategies around building a platform online. 

Whatever your needs or goals, we understand how to get you there, because we’ve gone there too. And we have strategic partnerships in place that allow us to handle any job you throw at us, no matter how big or how small.

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